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Tibetan People
by Vince Li
from Tibet
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A Tibetan Family -- Son
Tibet, China

(Viewed 7184 times)

A Tibetan Family -- Mother
Tibet, China

(Viewed 7213 times)

A Tibetan Family -- Father
Tibet, China

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Mon n daughter
Tibet, China

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Sakya 08
Tibet, China

(Viewed 3113 times)

Sakya 03
Tibet, China

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The Khampa that Gave Me Help
Tibet, China

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A Ngari Woman
Tibet, China

(Viewed 6457 times)

Ngari Couples
Tibet, China

(Viewed 6621 times)

Happy Tibetans
Tibet, China

(Viewed 6357 times)

Happy Tibetans
Tibet, China

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My Porter
Tibet, China

(Viewed 6515 times)

Two Tibetan Girls
Tibet, China

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Two Girls
Tibet, China

(Viewed 6788 times)

Khampasisters 1
Tibet, China

(Viewed 3149 times)

Khampasisters 2
Tibet, China

(Viewed 3065 times)

A photo collection of Tibetan people. People/portraiture pictures are really not my interest, so please bear with me on the quality of the photos. :P

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