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Fake Mount K2

Xinjiang, China

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LENS: @ 300mm (450mm in 35mm film SLR)
SHUTTER SPEED: 1/1250s | APERTURE: f/7.1
METERING: Matrix | SHOOTING MODE: Aperture Priority
ISO: 200 | FLASH: Not used | SUPPORT: Handheld

SHOOTING DATE: 2006-10-09 (Mon), 11:58:39
LATITUDE: N 36° 27' 18.1" | LONGITUDE: E 77° 18' 27.7" | ALTITUDE: 4011m

According to books, one can peek K2 on the Xin-zang Highway, between Hei-ka Pass (黑卡大坂) and Ma-za Pass (麻扎大坂). When we were there, we mistakenly thought this mountain is K2 (Mt Chogori, 乔戈里峰), so I gave it some shoots. Later on when we drove closer, realized it is just a small mountain in local. We never be able to find K2...

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Photographer: Vince Li.
All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage strictly forbidden.

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